This Defensive Rifle Training focuses on the AR15/M4 weapons system. This
training is designed to give you an uncommon knowledge, understanding and
capability with the AR-15/ M4 weapon platform. These are essential in giving you
the ability to successfully protect yourself in the worst case scenario.

This is a unique opportunity to learn concepts & methodology that are used to
teach elite military and law enforcement personnel. The Defensive Rifle Weapon
Training includes the following topics:

        Safety
        Situational And Weapon Awareness
        Mechanical Operation Of The AR15/ M4 System
        Superior Weapon Manipulations And Application Concepts
        Zeroing With Rifle, Ballistics, And Marksmanship Fundamentals
        Accessories and Associated Equipment Considerations
        Care, Maintenance, Storage And Transport Techniques
        Transition From Rifle To Handgun Techniques
        Tactical Considerations For Defense, Ammunition Considerations
        Defensive Tactics And Weapon Deployment
        Loading, Unloading , Reloading- Administrative and Defensive
        Weapon Retention, and Immediate Action Malfunction Clearing

        This is a two day course of instruction
        Class size is limited
        Cost is $500
        Payment is due at registration and is non-transferable, non-refundable
        Pre-registration is required
        Students must have a valid Government Issued Photo I.D.

*See Application

Everyone that is serious about personal protection should get this training!

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