Established in the year 2000, Special Response Training, Inc.
is dedicated to providing realistic, professional tactical
training and instruction to various armed professionals. The
courses of instruction are designed to be comprehensive,
effective, and economical. Our objective is to instill a superior
level of knowledge and skill that is practical and necessary for
the challenges and threats faced today.

The Defensive Tactics & Firearms Training Program has been
implemented to provide exceptional defensive firearms &
defensive tactics training and instruction to qualified
individuals and groups. Courses are designed to integrate the
best practical characteristics of method and application from a
combination of defensive disciplines. The curriculum
emphasizes cutting-edge technology, techniques, and
philosophy. The methodology utilizes superior mechanics
based on science and physics.

Special Response Training, Inc., Defensive Tactics &
Firearms Training Programs are designed to provide you with
the understanding and ability to be significantly better
prepared to prevail in a critical situation.
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