This Defensive Handgun Enhanced Applications course is designed to significantly
increase your knowledge, and capability with a  modern defensive handgun in a
wide range of defensive circumstances.
Regardless of your existing knowledge, previous training, or level of skill this class
will enhance your capability and take you to the next level.
Please contact us directly with questions and for prerequisite information.  

This is a unique opportunity to develop superior skills, tactics and techniques with a
defensive handgun.

        Safety/Awareness Issues
        Enhanced Weapon Handling Performance
        Critical Task Operation Under Stress
        Empty Hand Combatives To Weapon Deployment
        Reaction Time Combatives From Concealment
        Wide Range Of Defensive Tactics Applications
        Multiple Threat Tactics And Techniques
        Partner/ Team Tactics And Techniques
        Associated Equipment Considerations

        This is an
2 day course of instruction
        Class size is limited
        Cost is $
        Payment is due at registration and is non-transferable, non-refundable
        Pre-registration is required
        Students must have a valid Government Issued Photo I.D.

Prerequisites for this class: Contact us Directly for Prerequisite information at:
(706) 273-6032

*See Application

Everyone that is a responsible gun owner should get this training!

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