This Defensive Handgun Training Module is designed to  further your acquired  
knowledge and understanding, as well as, increase the development of skills that
complement what you have learned in Mod 1, and Mod 2. These ultimately give
you a new confidence and a truly superior capability to successfully protect your
life with a firearm in the worst case scenario.

This is a unique opportunity to learn concepts & methodology that are used to
teach elite military and law enforcement personnel. The Advanced Defensive
Handgun Training Module 3 includes the following topics:

        Safety
        Review Fundamentals
        Advanced Defensive Weapon Handling/Manipulations
        Superior Body Mechanics
        Reaction Time Manipulation Standards
        Advanced Weapon Craft Techniques
        One-Handed Weapon Manipulations
        One-Handed Shooting, Re-loading, Clearing
        Close Quarters Shooting Techniques
        Distance, Movement, Reaction Dynamics
        Weapon Retention Techniques
        Multiple Task Manipulation Drills/Practice
        Shooting On The Move
        Controlled Dynamic Responses
        Multiple Threat Considerations

        This is an 8 hour course of instruction
        Space is limited
        Cost is $250
        Payment is due at registration and is non-transferable, non-refundable
        Pre-registration is required
        Students must have a valid State Issued Concealed Carry
Firearms/Weapons Permit, and valid Government Issued Photo I.D.

*A Statement of No Criminal History from a Law Enforcement Agancy on Official
Letterhead may be submitted, if you don’t have a valid CCW Permit

*See Application

Everyone that owns a firearm for protection should get this training!

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