Kyle Armstrong is the President and Chief Instructor of Special Response
Training, Inc. Kyle is a Professional
full time Law Enforcement Instructor.  
His company provides specialized Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics
Instruction. He has over 30 years experience
teaching various disciplines of
Firearms, Martial Arts, and related fields of application. His operational
experience includes 14 years on a Special Weapons & Tactics Team where
his assignments have consisted of Assault/Entry Team Operator, and as a
Sniper & Scout. He has served as a lead and key direct-action participant in
the successful resolution of numerous SWAT/High Risk Special Operations.
These include:  High Risk Warrant Service, Hostage Rescue, Barricaded
Gunman, Armed & Dangerous Fugitive Apprehension, arrest of Bank
Robbery & Home Invasion Suspects, Drug Raids, Man Tracking
Operations, and High Risk Security/Protection Details. During Special
Operations deployment he has worked with numerous Local, State, and
Federal Agencies.

Kyle’s Professional Education encompasses the spectrum of Law
Enforcement Special Operations. His Operational Qualifications include
multiple SWAT Operator Qualification Schools, Advanced and Master
SWAT Certifications, Multiple Scout/Sniper and Police Counter Sniper
Schools, Helicopter Sniper/Ariel Platform Operations Training, Tactical
Rappel Master Certification School, multiple Close Quarter Battle and
Hostage Rescue Training courses, Bill Rogers Tactical Weapons Training
Programs (3 time "Top of Class Award" Advanced Rating on all weapons)   
Vehicle Assault/Counter Vehicle Ambush Training, Counter Terrorism
Operations courses, Military High Risk Personnel courses, Woodland
Operations Training, and Specialized Chemical Munitions Deployment
Certification. He has trained and trained with the US Marine Corps Weapons
Training Battalion at Quantico, VA and the US Army Special Forces at Fort
Bragg, NC.

As an Instructor, Kyle has trained hundreds of Elite Law Enforcement &
Military Special Operations Personnel from the US and from all over the
world. He currently serves as the Full Time Training Coordinator, Range
Master, Armorer, and Lead Instructor for a Full Service State Accredited
Sheriff’s Office in North GA. He has served as a lead Special Weapons and
Tactics Instructor at the James A. Neal Public Safety Training Center (Law
Enforcement Special Operations School) for 6 years (2004-2010), and is
currently an Instructor at the world renowned Rogers Shooting School
(2007-present). Kyle is certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards
and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) as a Peace Officer, Law Enforcement
General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and
Emergency Medical Instructor. His additional Instructor certifications
include SWAT Instructor, Police Sniper Instructor, Automatic Weapons
Instructor, Tactical Rappel Master, Chemical Munitions/Distraction Device
Instructor, Physical Fitness Instructor, Close Quarter Battle Instructor,
Oleoresin Capsicum Spray Instructor, and Expandable Baton Instructor. He
also teaches Impact/Edged Weapon applications, as well as, unarmed
Combatives & Defense.        
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