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Providing Safe,
Practical, Effective, and
Proven Tactical
Defensive Solutions
Special Response Training
Be prepared to protect yourself from the ever increasing number of potential
threats that exist today. Your life or the life of your loved ones may depend on it.
This means much more than being able to safely handle a firearm, or even being a  
good marksman.

        Owning and/or carrying a firearm for protection is a great responsibility.

        A firearm is the power to use deadly force.

        If you own a firearm for protection, you should be educated about the
           circumstances under which the use of deadly force is justified.

        You may only have one to three seconds to make the decision to use deadly

        Understand the elements and factors that affect the outcome of a deadly force
           defensive situation.

        Learn the circumstances that justify the use of deadly force.

        Prepare yourself ahead of time to take the appropriate action if confronted with
           a deadly force situation.

        Get professional instruction on the appropriate use of deadly force.

        Get professional instruction on the legal, moral, and practical aspects of armed

You need to understand and be able to articulate the reasons why you used deadly
force and explain why it was the correct decision under the circumstances.

This Judicious Use of Deadly Force Training is designed to give you the
knowledge and understanding of factors and elements that can affect the outcome
of a deadly force situation.

•        This is a 3 hour block of instruction
•        Space is limited
•        Cost is $100
•        Payment is due at registration and is non-transferable, non-refundable
•        Pre-registration is required
•        Students must have a valid State Issued Driver’s License or Government I.D.

Everyone that owns a firearm for protection should get this training!


This course is not intended or offered as legal advise. This course material has
been prepared for educational and informational purposes only. It is not legal
advise or legal opinion on any specific matters. Course participants should not
act or fail to act, upon this information without seeking professional, legal

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Assume the responsibility
that owning or carrying a