Special Response Training
Specialized Law Enforcement
Weapons And Tactics Training

Exceptional Self-Defense/Protection
Training And Instruction
Dedicated to providing safe, practical,
effective, and proven, tactical and
defensive solutions.
Special Response Training is...
Providing Safe, Practical,
Effective, and Proven
Tactical Defensive
My company offers world class training in virtually
every aspect of personal protection, self defense, and
Law Enforcement weapons and tactics subject matter.
Don't compromise, get the knowledge and capability
very few possess.

I am committed to providing you professional,
practical, and comprehensive instruction and training
on a level not commonly available.
Being able to successfully defend yourself consists of
more than being able to safely handle a firearm,
even being a good marksman. You must have the
knowledge of and have the capability to
be able to
utilize superior
situational awareness, defensive tactics
self defense techniques.
Your goal should be to have the confidence and
capability to avoid dangerous situations if possible,
and if necessary, appropriately deal with any threat,
any time, any where.
Our training programs will
enable you to be better
prepared operationally as a professional or better
prepared to protect yourself as an individual from the
ever increasing number of potential threats that exist

We want to equip you with the knowledge, ability, and
confidence that will give you the advantage if your

safety, your
life, the lives of your team mates, your
family or
loved ones, depends on it.
Take advantage of the unique opportunities that we
Empower yourself to be prepared, confident,
and capable,
on a level that most will never realize and
you will be glad you did.

Kyle Armstrong
Special Response Training, Inc.