What Professionals Say About Our Training And

Kyle Armstrong is one of only a very few individuals selected
to serve as an instructor at my school during its over thirty
years of operation. For many years now, he has demonstrated
exceptional ability as a shooter and instructor on my staff at
one of the most challenging tactical weapons training
programs in the world. Kyle has instructed a diverse group of
students, ranging from new shooters to highly trained elite
military units, teaching superior methods on a wide variety of
weapons systems. He has steadfastly proven to be an asset to
my training organization.

Bill Rogers
Rogers Shooting School

Your technical and tactical knowledge, combined with
professional instruction has enhanced our wartime
Thank you,
From the Men of B Company

Special Forces ODA 3222
3rd Special Forces Group Airborne
Fort Bragg, NC

Mr. Kyle Armstrong,
Special Response Training, Inc,
Thank you for the professional training and instruction you
provided to our Special Operations Team. The assistance,
skill, knowledge, and mentor-ship you imparted has increased
the safety and effectiveness of each soldier and our team.

Lt. Colonel
Stan Crowder
GA Army National Guard
Counter Drug Special Operations

Thank you for your excellent instruction and support in

E&S Squadron
Military Intelligence Battalion
Special Operations Forces

Thank you for your outstanding expertise in advanced
firearms training to the Palm Beach County Special Response
Team. Your knowledge & dedication to these operators &
their need for high speed, low drag training was evident in
your instructor techniques & professionalism.

Lt. Commander
William Testa
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Special Response Team

For several years, Kyle Armstrong served as an instructor at
the James A. Neal Public Safety Training Center / Law
Enforcement Special Operations School. As an instructor, he
has taught Tactical Officers skills that are second to none at
one of the most intense S.W.A.T. Schools in the Southeast. His
knowledge, experience, and training abilities have made him
one of the most dynamic instructors on our staff. As an
instructor, he has always received the highest evaluations, as
well as, being one of the most requested instructors when
officers are enquiring about future training. Kyle’s abilities
have contributed greatly to all of our tactical training

Butch Newkirk
Director of Training
Special Operations

The MP-5 Submachine Gun & Handgun Course were high-
speed, very interesting, and very intense! The instructor is
definitely dialed in.

D/S Ron Thaeter
SRT/Entry Team

During 10 years of military and specialized protective
services and as a member of the personal protection detail for
the Joint Staff, I have attended many schools across the DoD
and civilian sectors. I have had the opportunity to train with
many exceptional instructors. I can say without reservation
that Kyle Armstrong is among the very best, and has set
himself as a front runner. Kyle's technical proficiency, and
ability to teach combined with an aggressive and completely
interactive  approach resulted in gaining an incredible
amount of knowledge and acquisition of skills that  I had
not anticipated, from mindset to tactics, to shooting better
than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend  his training
to other professionals that go in harms way.


Michael R. Fuller
Office of the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The Pentagon
Washington, D.C.

Outstanding course! It identified team weakness in handgun
shooting and brought new techniques in several areas.

Sgt. D.M.
Special Response Team
Organized Crime Bureau

My reaction time, reloading time, and accuracy improved
dramatically due to your excellent training. My confidence in
myself and equipment has improved dramatically also.
I highly recommend your training to other law enforcement
officers. Thank you again for the awesome training.

Greg Vaughan
Governor’s Drug Task Force

Absolutely the most effective fighting with firearms training
I have received in my law enforcement career.

Capt. Carroll Chastain
DNR Law Enforcement

As a 20 year veteran Law Enforcement Officer and member
of our agency's Tactical Team in Quebec, Canada, I thought
myself a superior and accomplished shooter and tactical
officer. I had the experience to train with Instructor Kyle
Armstrong during Tactical Firearms Training with our group
from Canada and subsequent Hand to Hand Combatives
training course he did for us as well, I learned a incredible
amount from him during this training. Kyle is highly
qualified, knowledgeable, and professional. He is extremely
well rounded with a diverse understanding of firearms,
martial arts, and tactics. Kyle is highly skilled in teaching
and application, and has developed techniques that are
simple and effective, impressively so. I highly recommend his
shooting and hand to hand combatives to anyone that has an
opportunity to train with him.

Jocelyn Gagnon
L.P.D. Tactical Team
Quebec, Canada

Your advanced tactical firearms training was the most
valuable that our Special Operations Team has received to

1 SG Gregory M. Loper, NCOIC
Special Operations Team,
Georgia Department of Defense,
Counter Drug Task Force

"In 45 years as a firearms/deadly force instructor, I realized
early that if you can't learn, you can't teach. In the spring of
2016 I spent multiple days in high speed/low drag handgun
training under instructor Kyle Armstrong. I was very much
impressed with his ability to analyze, diagnose, and correct a
shooter without being authoritarian or condescending. We
had a good size class -- an advanced program, all students
being highly competent at arrival -- and cop or civilian, male
or female, all were impressed with Kyle's ability to teach, and
improve performance.
Kyle Armstrong is solidly on my own list of recommended

Respectfully submitted,
Massad Ayoob

"I first met Kyle Armstrong in Sept. 2016 at Rogers' Shooting
School. During the five-day class, he helped fine tune my
shooting and was largely responsible for the success I
enjoyed during the program. I was able to shoot an advanced
rating--from concealment--my first time at the school because
of his attention to detail in my one handed manipulations and
I was so impressed with his eye for detail that I asked him to
give a private class for my entire cadre at Valor Ridge in
October 2016. The results from our two day session were
astounding. Over the course of two days, he provided specific,
individual feedback for each member of the staff, and the
improvement was incredible. His style is devoid of ego, full of
energy, and performance oriented. He was able to carefully
assess each member of my staff over the entirety of the two
days. His mental focus is an aspect that was impressive. At
all  times Kyle set the example, demonstrating the techniques
and tips he was teaching us.
As a firearms instructor, I have trained many other skilled
individuals. And although Kyle is an extremely gifted shooter,
his ability to make others better is even more noticeable. The
drills and skill-building exercises we learned were practical,
reality based, and efficient. We have incorporated aspects of
his training
into our curriculum. I highly recommend training
with Kyle Armstrong to anyone of any skill level. Kyle
specializes in getting the most out of his students. He has the
unique ability to tailor instruction to shooters depending on
skill level. That is indeed the calling card of a true teacher."

--Reid Henrichs
President, Valor Ridge
Providing Safe,
Practical, Effective,
and Proven Tactical
Defensive Solutions
Special Response Training